Who is Canadian Bohemian?

Hi, I'm Tracy Doerr Founder and Editor of Canadian Bohemian. I am a marketing communications and social media expert, web site designer, writer, photographer, photo stylist and owner of the soon to be launched film production company, a Happy Media. I live in Ontario, Canada.

With 15 years experience in branding, public relations and social media marketing with banking, government, post-secondary education and non-profit organizations, I'm passionate about leveraging my experience to help businesses socialize online.

Why Canadian Bohemian?

While it may have a global reputation of being the land of ice and cold, hockey and beer, dogsleds and igloos and funny money, Canada has a rich history and community of diverse and attention-worthy designers, food and artisans. And I am not just talking about Hudson's Bay Blankets, maple syrup, poutine or Ryan Gosling either. Although they are pretty cool too. I want to celebrate the road less travelled on Canadian Bohemian.

As for bohemian - I think that is Canadian Bohemian's manifesto and describes me best - a creative who lives outside the conventional and mainstream culture. What I post on Canadian Bohemian isn't just news or passing trends to rack up views - it is my lifestyle. Products and art, food and entertaining, decor and fashion and travel are selected with the view of offering readers something unique and for the most part,Canadian. From time to time I'll also share projects I'm involved in as a photographer, stylist, writer or communications specialist.

Can I use your content/photos/videos/recipes on my blog or website?

Please play nice when it comes to using my content on your blog or website. PLEASE NOTE: Use of copyrighted images on a for-profit blog does not fall within the Fair Use doctrine. I ask that you please do not use my content without my permission. 99.9% of the time we can work something out - provided that I am given credit and a link back to my site. Also, by reaching out to me it gives us both a chance to get to know and support each other. Of course, you are more than welcome to share my links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Do you collaborate with brands and businesses?

To contact me about product reviews, guest curation, sponsored posts, events or brand ambassador, please email me at Canadianbohemian@gmail.com. For other advertising oppportunities go here. Please note I'll only work with brands/businesses that are in align with Canadian Bohemian's overall look, feel, integrity and editorial manifesto. I have not made the decision to do collaborations or sell advertising lightly. My first and foremost loyalty lies with my readers.

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